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A team of branding, graphic design, web design experts. We put our creativity and skills to work to bring your ideas & projects to life!

I’m passionate about graphic design and enjoy applying my talents and skills to help companies to communicate with their audiences providing integrated branding, web and design solutions.

Over the last 20 years I had the opportunity to collaborate with a diversity of clients to provide effective and creative graphic design solutions. Please feel free to browse some examples of my recent work.

In every project, my first mission is to fully understand the purpose—the big picture—the organizations’ overarching goal, and identify my role in helping bring it to fruition.


What our clients are saying.

  • Aldo is extremely professional in everything he does. Our first meeting was so he could hear what I wanted to do with my brand. From listening to what I had to say and taking the mannerisms that I portray he was able to come up with a few different ideas. One of which is the brand and logo I have decided to use.

    Aldo is very easy to work with. One of his greatest qualities is that he is a great listener. You have to be able to listen and hear what your client’s wants and needs are. Aldo is blessed with this gift!

    His work is second to none! I made a lot of requests to Aldo for my brand. He was always accommodating and would give me honest feedback from a design and marketing aspect.

    I am so happy with the results and feedback I have been getting in regards to the new logo and brand!

    Thanks Aldo for helping my business and brand be unique, yet recognizable by many people.


    - DC
  • “Excellent to work with and so many creative ideas. Wonderful work.

    - Chantel Milne – Abbotsford Dance Centre
  • “Working with a creative talent such as Aldo is a pleasure as his ability to develop a concept and make it come alive in a manner that exceeds expectations is something few people will ever realize”.

    - Chris Webber – FM

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UFV Community – Elect Nicole

UFV Community – Elect Nicole

Mar 16, 2015 | No Comments

There’s not secret recipe to win an election. All is about true community involvement, growing and cultivating new relationships and of course, work really hard! Work, work, work. Paddle, paddle, paddle! A branding campaign to support a candidate during the election process is crucial to approach voters to deliver a clear and memorable message and […]

ABBYFest Project – Supporting Our Community

ABBYFest Project – Supporting Our Community

Mar 3, 2015 | No Comments

In the fall of 2014, we had the privilege to collaborate with the Abbotsford Multicultural Festival (ABBYFest). We committed ourselves to help with the creation of the new logo and the creative concept and collateral for the 2014 marketing campaign. The New Logo The graphic solution for the ABBYFest logo was inspired in the official […]

AbbotsfordFIRST Project

AbbotsfordFIRST Project

Nov 6, 2014 | No Comments

It is time for elections in Abbotsford. The streets and local newspaper are inundated with political messaging which represents a big challenge for any contender. A unique graphic solution and a stronger message was required to out stand from the crowds! Last September, I was approached by the AbbotsfordFIRST team in order to improve their […]

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