AbbotsfordFIRST Project

It is time for elections in Abbotsford. The streets and local newspaper are inundated with political messaging which represents a big challenge for any contender. A unique graphic solution and a stronger message was required to out stand from the crowds!

Last September, I was approached by the AbbotsfordFIRST team in order to improve their visual identity. The colours and font styles should remain similar to the exiting ones. And the ‘check mark’ graphic, should also remain as a vital part of the concept.

Brand before

Existing brand presented in two alternate formats.

Brand after

The solution, a renovated brand to project strength, stability and vitality. And also provide improved legibility. Different formats and versions were created.

3-D render

The newly renovated brand allows flexibility minimizing technical challenges when reproduced in different media.

Lawn Signs

One of the most important touch points for political campaigns are the lawn signs. The solution was carefully designed to enhance the attributes of the brand and convey a consistent message to different audiences. The image below represents the ‘generic’ version. Additional versions for individual candidates were also created in both English and Punjabi languages, as shown below.



I was also hired to create a 16-page news paper to be delivered by mail to forty thousand homes in Abbotsford!


I also helped AbbotsfordFIRST with the creation of printed materials such as flyers, large format banners and leaflets.

The overall project is still work in progress. I will continue to collaborate with the AbbotsfordFIRST team, always thankful for their trust and the great experience of working together. I wish the AbbotsfordFIRST team the best of lucks on November 15th.